C.I.B.& FI & EE & CH & LT & CZ & IT CH & ALPENSG-19 &HRBSG19& ENCIW-19 & TLNW-21 & WORLD WINNER 2021

Sopravento Emily, ”Emily” 

Emily in Finnish Kennel Club database: https://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKoira.aspx?RekNo=FI56932%2F20&R=339

I want to heartfully thank Mr Corrado Rose for Emily!

She has been succesful before arriving to Finland 2020: she gathered 11 CACIB’s from abroad and countless numbers of CAC’s. She was Top Dog 2019 in Italy and Young Top Dog 2018 in Italy.

She was shown year 2021 in Finland and made nice results: gained champion titles from Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Czech Republic. She also became International Beauty Champion and top of all this: being best of breed at World Winner 2021-show!

We have Emily’s son: Fiveroads Ascot who has also started his show career very nicely.